Independent advisor working alongside senior leadership teams to discover, develop and operationalize technology and innovation strategy.

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What customers are saying

"Able to work with a number of our team - not just the CEO - and therefore building capacity all around the organization"

“Ben has a great way of breaking down
complex problems and making sense of all the noise”

"Ben has been great as he doesn't assume prior knowledge on our part and presents his work in an easy to understand way, but always with a commercial lens"

"We have really appreciated and benefited from having an 'outside in' view from an external expert to shape our thinking"

Transform your future

Is your organization asking challenging questions about changing technology?

Memia's Ben Reid brings strategic, operational and governance experience working in a wide range of technology sector contexts, with a 25-year track record of helping organizations of all sizes achieve their strategic goals.

Tailored engagement formats help our customers achieve the right balance between business and technology drivers, resolve complex decisions and gain a clear roadmap to move forward.

Memia works with boards and executive leadership teams to develop technology-enabled strategy and accelerated performance.

Example engagements

Recent engagements include:

  • Board and executive briefings on AI and emerging technologies
  • Technology roadmap development
  • AI strategy and planning facilitation
  • Establishing and chairing architecture governance board
  • Technology leadership team coaching and mentoring