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Wide-angle thinking about emerging technology
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Constantly curious: Memia explores the frontier of emerging tech, accelerating change and thinking about the future.

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Upgrading how we think about the future

The popular Memia newsletter by Ben Reid tracks and analyses key developments at the confluence of emerging technology and global socio-economic change.

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Knowledge graph

Memia subscribers get access to the ever-growing Memia knowledge graph containing all Memia posts, podcasts and discussion threads since 2017 - indexed and graphed using Roam Research.

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Memia podcast series

Listen to insightful podcast discussions with Aotearoa technologists working to change the world.

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Strategic advisor

Memia works as an independent strategic advisor and coach with executive leadership teams. Focus areas include growth strategy, innovation, digital transformation and technology governance.

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↳ About BEN REID

Memia founder Ben Reid is an experienced commentator and speaker who focuses on new emerging technology trends and the impacts on business and society.

Ben is the author of the popular Memia newsletter which explores the cutting edge of new emerging technologies and the implications for society and the economy, with a particular focus on Aotearoa and the Pacific region.

Ben also works as a strategic technology advisor with senior leadership teams across Asia-Pacific, advising on technology strategy, growth planning and innovation.

He brings over 25 years’ experience in software development, enterprise architecture, digital transformation and strategic business consulting, thriving most on intellectually challenging work in complex environments.

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What's in the name?

The best ideas spread themselves.
Memia (pronounced mee-mia) is derived from the word meme: