Strategic consulting and advisory services for focused, ambitious technology organizations.


Exploring tomorrow’s business driven by future exponentially changing technologies.

About Us

We’re a small and innovative company of thinkers and doers helping software- and ICT organizations to look ahead, perform and succeed. We bring our broad and deep experience at the fast-moving intersection of business and technology to help our clients deal with complexity, achieve clarity and move forward with confidence. Find out more

Our Value

Trusted Advisor
Vision, Strategy and Planning
Complex Decision Analysis
ICT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture
Future Technologies Foresight
High Growth Governance
Product Roadmap Development

What Clients Say

“Memia’s advice and support has been invaluable as a startup moving out of the garage and into an established growth phase.  Ben’s biggest asset is his ability to remain focused on the big picture and not get distracted by detail, helping me to move from operational thinking to strategic thinking – and our results show!”

Ben Bodley, Founder & CEOTeknique Ltd

“Working with Memia has been like an extension to our management team.  Their professionalism, focus and drive for results and has made them an exceptional partner I would recommend without hesitation.”

Glenn Bull, Founder & CEOSkilitics Ltd

“Memia has empathy and understanding. They consistently deliver high level strategic advice. I value them. In a complex world, it’s that simple; talk to Ben. “

Peter Montgomery, Founder & CEOInventoryTech Ltd

Ben has been a fantastic resource for our business. He has a great breadth and depth of knowledge of the SaaS industry and was quick to identify and assist in areas where we needed help. Ben has a lot to offer businesses with a technology focus. If your business requires assistance on a strategic or governance level, then I’d highly recommend you strike up a conversation with him.”

Chris Tacon, CEOgoRoster Ltd

Christchurch, New Zealand +64 3 974 1860